As budgets and timescales become increasingly tight, we understand the pressures faced by manufacturing companies, purchasing departments and project managers to maximise production.

You might already have considered the benefits of outsourcing, or subcontracting, parts of a job, which would allow you to:

  • reduce overheads
  • trim lead times
  • focus on core competencies
  • manage with fewer human resources

However, there are risks: broken contracts or a damaged reputation if a subcontract supplier lets you down are just two of the reasons you might approach cautiously or even be deterred from entering into subcontract agreements.  But there is another way ...

As an alliance of specialist manufacturing companies, each equipped with their own hi-tech CNC machine tools and inspection equipment, TKT Manufacturing Group achieves cost and time savings through economies of scale and expert know-how.

So you can rest assured that your reputation for quality will not be compromised. And, because we manage all of the subcontracted elements of your project, your company can enjoy all of the benefits of subcontracting, with none of the risks.

To find out more about how we can support your manufacturing business, contact TKT today.